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NAS Training Manager Lorraine Shepherd encourages those applying for SICCS cards and booking CITB's Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) touchscreen tests through third party companies, be on their guard against misleading charging policies.

@August 2019: Please always go via this link for the correct/current charging policy:

Our helpdesk (01883 624961) regularly receives complaints from people who have been charged significant amounts over and above the standard fees.

The National Association of Shopfitters and Interior Contractors (NAS) has introduced on of the first virtual smartcard for the Shopfitting and Interior Contracting Competency Scheme (SICCS) to ensure that everyone in the sector can demonstrate the necessary level of competence, qualifications and health and safety awareness. The digital card that is stored in an app called Gencarda on a smartphone - developed by Reference Point for the CSCS Go Smart platform.

Do you have a general CSCS card enquiry? Please access:

The virtual smartcard will identify an individual’s occupational competency, from apprentice through to director level.

It will only be issued to those who can demonstrate the prerequisite knowledge and a high level of health and safety awareness through the achievement of the existing CITB Health, Safety and Environment test.

This will be further supported and enhanced by other qualifications based on national occupational standards in addition to key accredited learning programmes that have been developed by the Shopfitting Independent Training Forum (SITF) in conjunction with CITB, the Sector Skills Council for the construction industry.

The Virtual Scheme (SICCS) aims to provide the following benefits to employers:

identification of operatives with recognised industry skills, competence and qualifications

  • better quality of work
  • improved health, safety and environmental awareness amongst the workforce of the shopfitting and interior contracting sector
  • provision of training standards to equip individuals with relevant skills to enter the industry
  • a move to a qualified and carded workforce, which will help to improve customer satisfaction and the industry’s image

The Virtual only Scheme (SICCS) will be processed, accredited and branded by the NAS in collaboration with partners CSCS LTD and Reference Point Ltd


SICCS Scheme Booklet SICCS Scheme Booklet

Application form for SICCS Application form for SICCS

SICCS Card Virtual Smartcards for client websites SICCS Card Virtual Smartcards for client websites

  • Price: £30.00 + VAT