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Mission Statement

To promote a single authoritative voice for the shopfitting and interior contracting industry, protecting the interests of and promoting dialogue between our members and major stakeholders.

To promote at all times the highest levels of quality and professionalism within the industry, and collaboration within the interiors sector.

To deliver practical advice, the pursuit of knowledge and encourage the exchange of best practice examples between members.

To lead by example, regulating and maintaining fair trade and competition throughout the industry.

Members need to continually keep up to date with technology and legislation. Designers and clients need to know exactly what members are offering. The NAS keeps everyone informed, helping their members publicise achievements and supporting customers in making the right choices.NAS contractors are professional, blending traditional hand skills with modern business ability and cutting edge technical expertise. It is only by being a master of all these diverse talents that members can deliver the best possible results on time and to budget. The NAS is here to help shopfitters and interior contractors develop every facet of their skills. New design demands new materials. NAS members are experts in what works best and where. As designers push forward the boundaries of the possible, shopfitters and interior contractors develop new techniques to implement them, and collaboration between partners is key to this success; the NAS is the forum where this new information can be shared.

Strategic objectives

  • To act as the official channel of communication between the interiors sector, the global construction industry and Government.
  • To provide a single voice on behalf of the industry, protecting its economic and commercial interests.
  • To create and regulate fair trade practices within the industry.
  • To provide a central conduit for industry research and the exchange of information between members.
  • To promote the highest levels of technical competence, training and understanding among members.
  • To foster good relations and understanding between members, their clients and the supply chain.